Grades Don’t Define You

For students, like me, grades ARE important. We may deny it at times, saying it’s just grades, or that it’s no biggie getting a 3.00 (equivalent to 75%) in your class card because it’s not the end of the world, but yap, it does matter. In a certain class of students, one can identify who the geniuses, good ones, average, below average/ not exemplary, are. And quite often do students get defined by these classifications.

If you would think about it, grades are never a fair judgement of one’s knowledge and capabilities. By looking at grades, you will know who did well in the class, but you’ll never know the means. Maybe they did well because they’re really smart, or studious, or “madiskarte” (resourceful). The madiskarte people have quick and clever ways to overcome difficulties and they know how to use connections well. They can make studying a little less hard for themselves because they know how to get hints in school stuff. These students are good in their own ways but sometimes they overdo what they do and it becomes a form of cheating. Some students on the other hand, would rather fail than cheat. And because it is easier to pass when you incorporate cheating with studying, the resourceful students are more likely to pass. To some, especially those who were honest but failed, it’s unfair. Maybe because it feels so wrong to fail when you did your best, and stuck to the saying “honesty is the best policy” or “cheaters never win”.

But you know what, I learned that learning is cumulative. And what you failed to understand before, you can understand and remember by heart after rereading the lesson, or trying to answer exercises for the nth time. You must never give up and say you cannot do it or that it’s hopeless, because if you really really really want it, I don’t think the universe would be too greedy not to give it to you. And one day you’ll realize it’s true that..

“when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it” -Paulo Coelho

Don’t ever let yourself be defined just by your grades. You may not be so good in math, but you may be good in history. You may not do well in some stuff, but you can be great in other things. You know you are designed to be great and your capabilities are tested more in real life than it is in school. In the long run, it is learning that matters more.


One thought on “Grades Don’t Define You

  1. A very smart post and I like it. Work towards grades but don’t let them define you. And it is important that we remind ourselves of this all the time. As parents, as teachers, and as students too. We weren’t born to just get good grades…we were born to live life.

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