I’d Rather Not Fall

You tell me “I love you”
Then act like I’m nobody to you
You kiss me I kiss you
But the first to pull back is you.

You give me butterflies in my stomach
And haunt my memories each night
Can’t sleep, can’t think of anything,
Anything but you, am I losing my mind?

I’d find letters in my locker,
Flowers in my car. Sweet,
Loving, you make my heart melt
Like a heated chocolate bar.

Don’t get near me, I want to say
Don’t let your skin touch mine or I die
Die of want to hug you, kiss you,
Cuddle with you all day and night.

But like a lion you can’t control
Your love, I know, won’t last at all
You’re like a storm, a disaster,
Surprises me then leaves me without even a call

No more flowers from you, no,
No more letters and sweet notes
Time killed your love, now you’ll leave,
Leave me broken, shattered, no hope.

I’d rather not fall, no,
I’d rather not fall if
That would mean no pain
No tears, no longing for you.

There’ll be no painful days of moving on
With nothing to keep, nothing to forget too
“Don’t come near me”, I will say
You love me? Sorry but I’d rather not fall.

id rather


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