I Will Go Places

Here it is– my travel journal and bucket list;
filled with pictures, notes, descriptions
Of destinations and expeditions of my wildest dreams.
Maldives, Rome, Paris, London, New York City–
To beaches, museums, and historical buildings I’d love to see;
Cherry blossoms, Northern lights, All that beautiful scenery!
African Safari for a holiday, isn’t that the dream?
I will travel; wander, get lost on fields and streets,
meet people, learn stories, experience unimaginable things,
All these because the beauty of the world is a gift for us to see.


5 thoughts on “I Will Go Places

  1. The beauty of the world is truly a gift for us to see….love it! Continue to dream of travel and the universe will no doubt line things up so that you can see the beauty of the world live and in living color!

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    • Hi! I checked your page and had a glimpse of your travel adventures. I’m so happy for you! Right now I can only dream of travelling. But one day, when I already have the funds for my travel dreams, there is no stopping me. 🙂 Thanks for leaving a note.


  2. hey .. 🙂 … some of these places are in my list too … but i want to go to these place with someone to share my chocolate & coffee with …… also to crack jokes with …. also i wanna go to tomorrowland ….. 🙂 … and i wanna tell u that you are a very amazing , kind hearted & pure personality … the innocence in your words .. loved it … followed u .. 😉

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