Miles away,
Continents in between,
Could our love survive amidst the sea?
I wonder if you too are wondering–
Would distance make us two distant?
Would it make our love grow weak;
weary of longing, tired from waiting, and
raddled, ragged, worn out from trying.
Or maybe would it make us stronger,
And our love intricate but deeper?
I hope, at all times, we remember:
Apart, we are.
But in distance, not at heart.


3 thoughts on “Apart

  1. It will test you beyond measure. It will expose and cause you to learn and grow in ways you didnt know or expected. It will require work…but its not in vain. If it works out you will build a very strong bond. One that wouldn’t have been created if you didnt go through the journey. Nonetheless. ..the you will grow. Good luck.


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