1:00 AM Thoughts

I have come into conclusion that I don’t know how to fully trust someone’s words anymore. I have become too skeptic even towards my own feelings. Maybe this is what this generation does to us. Maybe it’s because of all the shit that we watch in movies, or the articles we read, and lyrics in songs we listen to.

People have become too unsure about everything; always questioning, always in denial. It’s as if being honest equates to losing, as trusting is to becoming a fool. Trust is such a powerful thing. It can bind hearts, heal wounds, or spark beginnings. But to trust is to be vulnerable. And to be vulnerable is to be open to pain. And pain, well, nobody wants that. But to never trust at all means to never experience anything. It’s to never feel, and to always be afraid.


One thought on “1:00 AM Thoughts

  1. A friend and me call it social pollution. In the past you could easily disconnect from others’ opinions but now we are flatly connected online so there is never truly a disconnect. We are constantly influenced by others’ thoughts, aggressions, emotions etc. that we begin to act in a herd mentality. If someone tells not to trust someone we don’t do it, which brings me to why this line is so popular: “if young metro don’t trust you…” Currently, young metro simply trusts nobody.


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