A View on Love

I’m working on my papers when suddenly an unfamiliar thought came to me. And since I overthink a lot, it helps when I write down my thoughts. I got to ponder on a different view on love. I realized it’s funny that love, and all things romantic, can be entirely different from we imagined it would be.

To all young girls who are thinking of and waiting for a Disney tale come true, let me tell you it’s not a happily ever after. It is magical, I must say. But it will also be ugly, scary, and painful beyond capacity. A lot of times you’ll be giddy and happy because of the little things that adds sweetness more than it is supposed to serve. There will also be moments when you’ll remember a scene from your favorite fairy tale, and you’ll wish a special day of yours would be as beautiful if not as exact, then it will turn out to be far less than you imagined. You’ll be a little sad and disappointed because another princess perfect moment idea of yours must be bid goodbye, but you won’t let that show and you’ll get over it because you neither want to hurt the prince, nor make him feel unappreciated.

Now, girls, this is not me saying you should settle. You shouldn’t! And you must never! It’s just that time changes people. And although “consistency” was a factor to consider when you were to say “yes”, he will never be as consistent. Definitely, there will be ups and downs on that, but when you’ve given in to love– all fences down, it’s as if you’ll notice the dry area on the front left but you’ll choose to appreciate the green grass with full-bloom flowers on the far side of the land, nonetheless. Of course, through countless moments you’ve spent together, you already understand that a love that’s true is not about what a person can give you but what you can give that person. Until you truly understand that, you aren’t in love.

Love is hard to find but on the other hand, struggles and insecurities are always just around the corner. Those are always waiting to get hold of you. The best way to stay in track is to think of how much he loves the entirety of you, immortalize that feeling in your heart, and always remember how it made you feel. You too had flaws, maybe you too had sometimes fell short, but he loved you even more. Love is not a happily ever after because that’s a lot more simple, and love’s a lot more beautiful. Love as much, always.


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