escape rout

Hanna Marielle B. Calacat, 19, Manila, PH

Introductions were never my forte so I resorted to writing “19 Truths About Me” instead. Heere:

19 Truths:

1.) My childhood dream was to become an astronaut. When I was a kid, I fancy the idea of going into the outer space. I let go of that dream when I learned of speed of light and how astronauts sometimes were never able to come back from space travel.

2.) I never drank coke until I was 12 years old. Let’s just put it this way- coke float happened.

3.) My favorite book is The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho. Really, sml.

4.) Whenever I’m afraid or nervous, I say the words, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me (Philippians 4:13)” and repeat it to myself until I calm down.

5.) My favorite colors are Red, Yellow, and Orange! 🙂 Red’s my most favorite.

6.) My tickle sweet spots are my neck and back neck. I never win tickle fights thus hate them inherently.

7.) Smart is my definition of sexy. Sapiosexual alert, woops.

8.) Guys who play musical instruments are my weakness.

9.) Ice cream never fails to lighten up my mood. Chocolate/ Cookies and Cream/ Vanilla 🙂

10.) I order the same donut at Dunkin Donuts every time. Marble Frosted, yes please! 🙂

11.) I don’t get fat by eating. I can eat 3 cups of rice every meal each day for a week and still don’t gain a single kg.

12.) My most favorite band, obviously, is Paramore. Other faves are The Weepies, We the Kings, Mayday Parade, and Maroon 5. OPM: Parokya ni Edgar, Eraserheads.

13.) I am most motivated when I have a crush. I remember I learned to play a guitar, and also once got a flat 1.0 grade in a math subject trying to impress a guy. Shame, but whatever works for you right??? 😂

14.) I poor with interpreting maps, or remembering streets and directions to places. I easily get lost though luckily I always find my way.

15.) I wish to grow my hair long and dye it completely in Red just like The Little Mermaid Ariel’s.

16.) NBSB! No boyfriend since birth as of 2016. Yes, I’m a girl. I’m not confused.

17.) Balloons make me the happiest. Movie preference: Romantic Comedies. Don’t judge :)) TV Shows: Sherlock, How to Get Away with Murder, How I met Your Mother, Walking Dead, and Suits!!!

18.) If I can choose, I’d marry an architect.

19.) Life goals: Be so successful that I can have my own charitable foundation.


And that’s it. Yup, yup, whatever you’re thinking is only a piece to a thousand-pieces puzzle that is me. 😉